New update

This update rewrites the core of the game. I made a fundamental mistake, misunderstanding the importance of some values. Due to that, this update is not very polished. That said, a handful of bugs were fixed in that update, mostly the game breaking ones. Plus, thanks to the new core, the game should be a bit more flexible when it comes to a different combinations of values. 

Aside from scheduled AI upgrade, the campaign will be implemented soon. I wrote a short verson of the script and a few mission for FFS jam. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it was not possible to release the game with campaign.  it was scaled down to the point of having only a few missions, and implementing it in the way it was planned for the jam, throwing out of the window some interesting missions and violently cutting the story in pieces. Which is not acceptable. So, i'm going to expand on it, adding missing missions in the meantime.

Also, i really want to implement some specials, that make fractions diverse. Depending on your stats and your fraction, certain offensive and defensive abilities might be unlocked. Plus, thinking of passive unit abilities.

Overall, i'm surprised it's still going just as fast as it was during the jam. 


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Feb 20, 2018

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