A downloadable game for Windows

The R314Y Project is a Real Time Strategy, focused on capturing enemy relays by making an efficient build

With each structure you build, your Stats will rise, better stats improve the efficiency of units.  Place buildings on the ground to alter it's base parameters. Hold the enemy back by using a variety of defensive and offensive structures. Or just upgrade your economy, because if they don't have resources - they can't build. And don't forget to build energy generators: they can really  increase your construction speed.


The goal of this game is to capture all enemy Constructs. To do that, you must capture all the relays, that connect you to your enemies

 Select a building by moving your cursor over it and press Left Mouse Button

First and furemost, you can only build on the Relays, that are neutral, as well as connected to your energy network. When you can build, a three buttons with + signs will appear. Those buttons represent all the buildings you already have. 

Click on one of them to initiate the construction mode. Then choose the type of the building you wish to construct. After that, if you have enough resources, you can place the building on the ground, or on one of free platforms on Relay. Move your mouse to Relay if you want to install it there. Otherwise, just place your building on the ground in the range of selected relay. You can also cancel the construction, by pressing Right Mouse Button.

Your building will start constructing. Clicking on that button again will cancel the construction.  If you want to sell this building later, when it's finished, click on Sell button, below the unit's icon.

And here's the important part. Each Relay has a defensive mechanism, that will put it into lockdown, once all the buildings are destroyed and all production processes are cancelled. Selling or cancelling the production of all your buildings will bring Relay into a lockdown. But be careful, if the enemy is controlling another Relay, connected to it - he may capture it faster, than you. The one, who successfully order and place the building, will capture the Relay. If it wasn't you - then you must Destroy all the buildings on the relay, so it can go into lockdown again. 

To win the game, you must capture all enemy Constructs. For that, you must capture all the relays, that's connected to it, and destroy all buildings on the Construct. Then - you will drain all the resource Units (U). And when your enemy doesn't have any - he is defeated. 

Pay close attention to your Resource Units (U)  and Voltage (V) counters, located above the minimap. Resources are generating automatically each n seconds, different for each fraction. You construct your buildings with those.  Higher Conduction allows you yo build faster. If it gets low - you-ll spend much more time waiting for your buildings to be finished. Construct energy generators to increase the Conduction.

Your stats affect all of your structures efficiency. To see your stats, click on the small button in the middle left of your screen or press  Backspace key. There are some stats, that affect only certain type of structures, and some that affect them all. It's generally a good idea to commit to few of them and improve the best stats

Also, mind the position of the offensive units. For example, Beam weapons are powerful, but they can only shoot at the target directly in their vicinity, and if there is something on their way - they will become useless.

That's about it. Good luck!


WASD/Cursor keysCamera movement
Select your Construct
Select the Omega

Build for that slot(if no building is installed) 
Select construction (if the building is installed)
Cancel construction (if the building In production
Sell building on that slot
F1-F10Quickly select one of your Relays
BackspaceOpen / Close your Parameters window
SpacebarFocus on the recently attacked Relay
FFocus on selected object
TForce attack target
HHold Fire. 
LPut selected Relay into a long lockdown
EPower down selected building / Relay


The Relay Project V 1.02 46 MB

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