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Development progress:

A long time ago, there was a rumor. If it was to be believed, Half - Life 3 was turning into some sort of an open world game with quests and NPC's. Like all rumors, it died with time, but the idea is still alive. So, what would happen if there was a Half - Life RPG game? This is what this project will try to make.

+Weapon stats and somewhat random loot

+Character leveling and hidden perks

+Soon, will start working on the "dialogue" system and the main quest.

Permadeath mode was originally planned for this game as the default one, but it breaks the game and messing with the data in more ways than one.  Right now it's on hold until i can figure out what went wrong.

Update: Playable demo has been released!

V2 has fixed some performance issues, plus added explosions and oil barrels.

Demo controls:

WASD - standard movement

Mouse movement - look around

LMB - primary fire

1-0 / Scrollwheel -- weapon selection

R - reload

Z - use medkit

X - use suit battery

F - flashlight

Left Ctrl - crouch

Left Shift - sprint

Space  - jump

Tab - open stats window

~ - sell weapon

F6 - save game

F9 - load game

Published Oct 26, 2017
GenreRole Playing
TagsAction RPG, Twin Stick Shooter

Install instructions

Simply extract both executable and data folder in the same folder and launch the executable.


Quarter Fraction 0.2.zip 53 MB
Quarter Fraction 0.21.zip 54 MB

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